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 How do I recruit affiliates from my own site?
Solution To recruit affiliates from your own site, you can create a link to your co-branded signup page, which allows affiliates to join your program directly. You can use the following link to direct your users:

Where you replace XXXX with your Merchant ID number.

You may also use the following button on your site:

If you are interested in tracking where your affiliate signups originate, you can use our "Signup Source" feature. You will need to append the variable &source=[Your Signup Source Keyword] to the end of your signup link. For example, if you wanted to track affiliates that signed up from a link on your blog, you would add &source=blog to the end of your co-branded sign up link, and then use that link on your blog. Your final link would look like this:

Where you replace XXXX with your Merchant ID number.

This information will then be shown in Your Affiliate List ( page.

You can use any alphanumeric string for the signup source variable, up to 50 characters. Keep in mind that if you use any special characters (space, ampersand, question mark, etc.) you will need to properly URL encode it before including it in the URL.

You can also have the system automatically tag affiliates who join from a signup source. To enable this feature, you must first create a tag named: "SIGNUP FROM - XXXX" (without quotes) where you replace XXXX with the signup source string. Using the example above, that tag name would be: "SIGNUP FROM - blog" (without quotes). Once you have created this tag, affiliates who sign up from that signup source will automatically be added to this tag group.

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